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    Which libraries loan bestseller and new release e-books?

    New York does, but wants $100.00 a year from out of state patrons!! :-(

    A lot of libraries seem to use netlibrary (including mine) but it's a piece of .... unless I'm not using it correctly. There are NO new books and I can't get even the gutenberg stuff to download (yes I read the instructions on several state's websites). BUT then these same libraries offer extensive lists of audio books :-0 Long downloads with PdaNet or directly onto the phone though :-( I'll have to see what my other download options are a local library.

    New York uses mobipocket (as well as adobe which I'm not fond of). How does mobipocket compare to e-reader? I'm hesitant to download it without reviews. A friend thinks she may have an old NY card I can borrow, so I have crossed fingers about that, but I'd really rather have my own card. I'm going to have to call up and see if there are disability rates.

    Any tips on AFFORDABLY reading newer e-books would be most apreciated!
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    Yeah, I really don't get it. The current state of e-books is ridiculous, with all the incompatible formats/ different programs, pricing, etc.

    It sounds like New York is using the same system as the Boston Public Libraries, since all I see is Adobe and Mobipocket stuff as well.

    There is a free ecard for that, but you need to live in state for that too.
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    Nice. I didn't know NY library offered best-sellers and new releases. I checked my local library, bit it was mostly older, obscure stuff. But since I'm in NY state, I should be okay with NY library.
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    Mobipocket is great free software for ebook reading. You can specify fonts and colors if you want. I use Fonts4OS5 to assign a serif font specifically to Mobipocket.

    It's well worth the download.

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    I have cards for 5 different library 'groups' here in California. Which ever one comes up with the book I want, I download it from them. That doesn't include the 3 or 4 libraries that have their own e-book list.
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    Thanks for all the tips!

    I was having horrible trouble logging into overdrive with a card that freely would log into the main site.It turns out that if you have overdue materials, you are not allowed to log in, but WORSE is that the denial is saved in temporary internet files and the denial continues after you have returned the materials and paid the fine :-(

    One of the libraries in my state that only had overdrive audio and music now offers ebooks and video. Either that or I'm just stupid and missed it :-0

    I'm logged in and now just need to try and download.

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