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    do we really care how Palm does? At this point another handset company could swoop in (maybe Kyocera who has rumors of a new palm phone) with ALP's Linux OS that has legacy support for Garnet, and no one would give a rat's a*s what Palm does. They will bring nothing to the table at that point, and would get left behind in the POS market. Am I wrong in thinking that? With another 18 months, someone could easily beat them to market.

    Maybe we'll even get a flip again. One can only hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    Palm OS's age doesn't bother me. It does everything I need. I can live without "multi-tasking," which is one of the biggest criticisms out there...
    As frustrating as it has been (and will continue to be) not having a modern successor to PalmOS anytime in the near future, its been much more frustrating for me not to have any choices in devices that run PalmOS. There is exactly one viable PalmOS device right now: the Centro (anybody remember the time when there were actually 3-4 rather different Palmphones on the market...). I haven't heard anyone say at this point that they'd rather have a 755p over the Centro. Both the Centro and 755p are essentially the same device anyways: both are QWERTY-bars. In the 18mos, while Palm's software boys work on POSII, I'd really hope that in the meantime Palm's hardware division work on producing some *real* choices in devices that run PalmOS. If Palm wants to keep PalmOS afloat, it should try to address a broader market of needs and preferences in device types, not just one narrowly defined class of device (QWERTY-bars)... There *is* no one to rule them all, and Palm keeps ignoring the other 95% of the market...

    For example, I've read dozens of posts in various forums, praising the LG Voyager ("Oh I just can't wait to get a Voyager, it *is* the iPhone killer...") Its so sickening, such a crap device that Palm could easily beat if it only tried...
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    That's an interesting point, and I was just discussing it with a friend this evening. Unless you're a Gateshead, there's really nothing out there that stands out right now. I might say that the iPhone has a chance of this, but Apple first needs to stop ****ting on customers (who says cash isn't legal tender for crying out loud) and developers (yeah, the SDK is coming but will developers have to share their proceeds with Apple, too?) and really let this baby rack up some popularity... it's not just a cash dogcow, Apple.

    There is still opportunity to bring something exciting and innovative to the market. But I fear Palm will yet again find itself in the weeds as it mopes along for /another/ 18 months trying to pull an OS out of it's hat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    why don't all of you Palm OS fans switch away to something else for a while to check it out and if you don't like it, switch back when new devices are released?
    I've tried and it's very difficult to do. So far I haven't succeeded. I tried the Dash and the Curve but didn't last more than a couple of days for either device. WM just doesn't cut it and email on the BB just plain sucks compared to email on the Treo. I think we're spoiled in many ways and the "standard" for POS users is much higher than we realize until we try to switch.
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