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    Check this out:
    Palm's third attempt at a bluetooth headset seems not to be "compatible" with the Treo 700p. Hmmmm..

    Since Palm themselves list every bluetooth phone they have manufactured *EXCEPT* the Treo 700p, is this the "official" acknowledgement that the 700p was defectively manufactured (wouldn't stay paired to a bluetooth headset)? Funny how they claim that the recent maintenance release was supposed to "fix" this problem, but their own new headset still isn't promised to work with it. Can't be a matter of "age" as the older Treo 650 is prominently displayed.
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    Well my basic Treo headset worked with m 700p pre MR and works with it post MR.
    Guess I'm lucky.

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    Interesting article,

    I went through 4 treos where 1 of them where the bluetooth was solid. The other 3 were horrible while my same Jabra JX-10 worked fine on my 2 work blackberries. On the ONE treo it worked on solidly the data up and died 2 days after I got the unit Error: PPP 0x1231... that will haunt me forever. No fix was available for it.

    I find it very interesting on that link they make NO mention of the 700P. I wonder what their stance is w/ 700P owners are.
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    No kidding? Someone should tell my Sprint 700p that it is not suppose to work with BT headsets.

    So far, my 700p pairs and stays connected to a:

    Moto H700
    Moto HT820 BT stereo headset
    Samsung WEP 500 noise canceling headset.

    Was the same both pre and post MR.

    It does not stay connected (the connection will drop out periodically) to a BlueParrot noise canceling headset (the battery life sucked in the Blueparrot anyway) and a older Scala 500.

    So I think it all depends on the Headset model. I believe this to be true with any BT capable phone.

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    my 700p post MR works so perfectly with the Motorola h700. turning on/of, clarity, everything. works perfectly.
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    I've had 4 Treos and only one Palm Treo Headset (yes, the old, chunky one). Not a single Treo has ever been able to deal with my headset without giving me some sort of problem, and this is pre-and post-MR updates.

    Lucky those who have not had this headaches since Treo 700p day one...
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    I've had very good results using my 700p MR with the Mot H700C!
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    The "old chunky one" has worked fine since I got it on my 700P; I've never upgraded. I think I've had to go through reassignment once in a year.

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