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    I've had it with Treos and all their associated deficiencies , issues, hang ups, freeze ups, resets and other inexplicable problems, this in spite of doing the latest firmware update on my 700p. Verizon is soon to carry the Samsung SCH-i760 and I would like opinions as to whether this will replace the Treo in terms of functionality.

    Specifially, will it serve as a reliable cellphone, a relaiable and fast internet browser and a device to read and write POP3 e-mails? If it can do all three of these I am willing to overlook the fact that it's Windows Mobile and that some of my Palm software apps won't be available on the 760. IN other words, can this device replace the 700p????

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated...
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    I'm on the same boat, ready to ditch the 700p for something that is usable.

    Anyhow, given that the i760 is so new there's not much info on it. The phone is already in the Verizon online store but you cannot get it from the brick & mortar stores quite yet (until Nov 2nd I believe). Here's an entry from someone who claims he compared the i760 with the upcoming XV6800 and decided to keep the i760:

    Forum entry regarding the XV6800 and SCH-i760

    CNET already has a review up in their site, worth checking it out.

    With that being said, I remember that the previous Samsung model that Verizon carried (i730 was it?) had a few drawbacks. The following was consistent across many review sites:

    - The phone part was just plain sub-par. Voice calls suffered from low quality in all aspects.
    - The battery life was close to non-existing. The extended battery was a must have. Not that the 700p does not have similar issues ...
    - The keyboard keys sucked big time. To hard to press and the keys were too close to eachother

    However, the good points were:

    - The device was a rock-solid PDA
    - Samsung added a new interface to Windows Mobile that made it the best WM phone at the time
    - It had stereo speakers (for music and audio apps)

    So I'd like to believe some of the old problems are long-gone in this new spanking i760, but let's see what info comes down from the pipeline.

    If I jump ship before you (since I am in my 3rd 700p and in theory I can request a new phone) I'll let you know.
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    Thanks Waldo. Perhaps I'm grasping at straws because of my overall frustration with the Treo, but I'm hoping the i760 will be an improvement. Let's hope Verizon did their homework on this one, tho' I don't know why one would suspect they did given that they're excitedly hyping the 755p as a replacement for the 700p, and we all know how similarly flawed they are.

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