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    Saw this link on Palminfocenter; see attached link; the writer really hits the Palm OS hard for no updates basically in 5 years. PUTS THE EQUIVALENT OF RUBBER BANDS AND CHEWING GUM TO KEEP THE OS TOGETHER! This is true!
    The writer has carried a Palm device since 1996.

    There is a big downside, one the Centro shares with its Treo siblings. The Palm OS software, which was revolutionary in its day, has been upgraded over the years with the tech equivalent of rubber bands and chewing gum. The program, which actually predates smartphones, has now gone five years without a major overhaul. Simply put, it is no longer up to the job.
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    Just read it too...tough love hurts nonetheless.
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    He's right, but for most the palm os is solid. Maybe they see that on the hardware end incremental improvements are the way to go and stay afloat as long as they can with the pos.
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    nothing new said... (yawn)... almost like the writer waited for others to say stuff, then regurgitated the same material weeks later...

    At least he recognizes the things that PalmOS still has going for it... which for many should outweigh the mostly intangible digs he stabs PalmOS with (only does one thing at a time... sheesh)...

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