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    I beleive all treos have the same physical screen size, right?

    The reason I ask this is that Boxwave, maker of great screen protectors for the Treo, charges two different prices for the screen protectors depending on which Treo you claim to own. Here's the breakdown of current pricing:

    Treo 600, 650: $9.95
    Treo 680, 700p, 700w, 700wx, 750, 755p: $12.95

    I see no reason for this price difference. Can anyone tell me why (other than simple marketing tactics) that these screen protectors might be priced differently. If all treos have the same size screen, then I'm just ordering the 600 or 650 protectors.

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    I'm pretty sure your right. All Treos have the same screen size. I took my Boxwave screen protector off my 650 and trasferred it to my 700p and then 755p.

    You may want to write Boxwave and inquire about the price difference.
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    Yeah, I'll do that AFTER I order some at the cheaper price. Their answer might be to raise the price on the older models...

    Thanks for your quick response.
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    The POS screens may be the same but I think W series are smaller. Centro's are definitley smaller.
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    The W series screens aren't physically smaller, they're just a lower resolution.
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    learn something new everday.
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    You also can buy Treo 600 or 650 case for cheaper, which fit the newer model just fine.

    It's a sucker tax.

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