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    Hello, Im writing a paper analyzing the marketing scheme used by Palm, and compared to that of two of its primary competitors.

    I'm a Palm noob and I need your help identifying two of Palms biggest competitors. Have they always been competing?

    I was thinking Blackberry is one and perhaps Motorola. Can you name a couple of phone names? (black jack, Blackberry, Q)

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    Don't forget iPhone by Apple.

    BlackBerry Curve
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    HTC has to be taking their customers in droves, including yours truly.
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    Treo's most DIRECT competitors are in my opinion, 1) highend Blackberry phones (that hqve the full keyboard) 2) WM phones that has touch screen, most noticably the HTC slide-out phones that bare many many many different names under different carriers. 3) Smart phones that has the keyboard but not the touch screen, i.e. Moto Q, Dash, Samsung Blackjack, Nokia E62 thats about it.

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