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    I think my versamail is causing my contacts and calendar not to backup. I was on the phone with tech last night, but you all know what that is like :-(

    I know diddly squat about all this, just what a read in troubleshooting on the website. All I know is my log looks like it's not saying good stuff. I don't even understand how to ask proper questions about this I'm so clueless.

    It's a shame, because it looks like this service is directed to clueless people(like me) but not useable by them :-0 Here's a goodplace for some Sprint/Palm bashing to start I think :-(

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    I just started using it...have not had any problems. I have a 700P w/ Versamail...syncs fine. Hopefully, I never have to restore.
    To get help more specific. List exactly the error or what is going wrong
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    under log, there is no mention of contacts and calender.

    I have called palm over and over and over and had the most amazingly bizarre conversations with them; that is when I get to actually speak to someone who speaks English.

    And to top it off, every time I try to backup, it replaces everything I have deleted.

    I give up!

    I looked into but there is no documentation or support forum. Forget that.

    I installed explorer that includes backup. I'm working on trying to get that set. Tweaking a few settings seems to be producing a good looking log.
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    I have used it several times on my centro. It moves around my favorites and adds tasks that I had deleted. This happens when I backup. I am using teal backup instead.
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    I tried using Palm Backup but it caused more problems then anything else. I use NVBackup nightly now instead.

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