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    Please don't blast me, but here's my story---

    I recently purchased an "unbranded, unlocked" Treo 650 GSM Quadband off of ebay. Seller said won it in contest had no use. I am a current Nextel powered by Sprint customer, who has had a hell of a time trying to swap the the T650 for my old i275. I do understand that the T650 is a "sprint" phone and I will have to switch service.
    Last night, I stayed on the phone btw getting transferred, dropped and reps, who couldn't get me, I have decided to send the phone back.

    I am quite frustrated() , bec my co-worker makes getting activated seem effortless and drama-free.

    What makes me angry is that the first rep was going to establish service for me, but the call was dropped. I was told by the other 7 reps, that I didn't have the correct edc # what the heck? I only have a MSN AND IMEI NUMBER!

    Can someone help me out? PPPPPPPPPPLEASE
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    There are CDMA and GSM versions of the Treo 650. You needed the CDMA version for anything "powered by Sprint."
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    To expand on Tom's post above:

    The 'unbranded and unlocked GSM Quadband" Treo 650 will only work for AT&T (formerly Cingular) and T-Mobile (and any other GSM carriers in the world). However, if you have Sprint (or in the process of migrating to Sprint), you'll need a Treo 650 with Sprint branding on. Similarly if you have Verizon Wireless, you'll need one with Verizon branding. Reason: Sprint and Verizon are on CDMA networks, not GSM.
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