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    America Free TV is hosting the Halloween channel for our holiday viewing pleasure. It's sure to make you smile :-) Everyone that I show it to laughs. The movies are SO bad!

    For an early Christmas treat, keep checking the scifi channel for that hokey martian steals Santa movie :-) I can't stop laughing when I watch it. Those Martian costumes are unbelievable!
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    This would be really cool, if there was actually something worth watching. Everything I looked at so far sucks. The western channel didn't work at all.
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    I know most of it is terrible :-) On some days that is what makes it so great!! :-) And sometimes I get surprised by a really good movie.

    Sometimes one of the channels stops working :-0 If I e-mail the site owners they always fix it right away. They are REALLY nice.

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