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    I have had alot of problems with my 680, on the 3rd one now, and they are telling me (ATT) that If I still have problems with the 3rd one, I could switch over to a new type of phone under warranty.
    I love the Palm OS, it seems to be nice and simple, but I have never had any other types of smartphones other than this 680.
    I guess my question is.... If I decide to get away from the 680, what would your suggestions be for a new one? I have never had a Windows Mobile phone before, I have heard that they are a little tricky to operate, Is this true? or is it mostly just a preference? I use exchange e-mail constantly now, & I don't think WM supports that?
    Is the WM OS more stable? I can't believe that it could possibly be LESS, seems like resets are a pretty common thing to do on the Palm OS.

    Is there any other phones out there that anyone would suggest? I really don't want to get away from the 680, I do love it, but I am getting really frustrated with mine, and just want a good reliable phone, that will do everything the 680 will.

    Any comments / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Whats up ILbandit?Yeah I know what you mean.I just got my 755p 7 days ago.And its resetting constantly!It stopped for about 2 days.So I was thinking to myself "Hey,I think that the resets are over.".WRONG!I just downloaded the update for DocsToGo(v.8.whatever) and everytime I try to open a PDF it resets.So I'm highly aggravated with it right now.This is my fisrt Treo.Ive owned from BBs to WM devices to Symbian devices.And this damn Treo is driving me crazy!Dont get me wrong,Ive had problems with other smartphones.But not this,reset every day nonsense!Ok,my experience with Symbian just plain sucked!I had an S60.That thing was a piece.At least mine was.It was so sloooooow.If you think that the Treo has lag.Ha!Use one of those things.WM devices weren't that bad.The new O.S.(WM6)is better than WM5.But not by much.Maybe it is.I haven't had that much time with it.I have a friend who has a HTC-Mogul.Its pretty cool.But the O.S. to me is just not fun to use.IMO.And I had a BB 8700c/4.2 O.S.,out of every smartphone that I've ever owned.My BB was the most stable.IMO.It doesn't crash(maybe if you put some pirated 3rd party software).Its not as pretty as my 755p or my S60.But it worked all the time.still does.So I'm torn,just like you.Now my 755p took a dump.And I have no idea what device I want to get.Im still in my 30 day trial period.But if I switch devices I'm locked to that device.*Sigh*.But I'm really thinking about going back to BBs.There just a lot more stable.The new WM devices are a lot more stable as well.But I'm lovin the Palm O.S.!So I can't really tell you what to go with.But maybe this will help.But I feel your pain.Trust me.

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