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    here is a little something I got from a friend on the inside of the deathstar.... Treo Maintenance Release info! PDF file
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    Interesting. But we've passed the noted 10/15 date for the WM6 update.
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    I am just passing on what was given to me... Take care!
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    That would mean that the update is either behind schedule, or that there was another reason for the delay of the update (maybe something additional added to it, or testing found something wrong).

    Nevertheless, its quite an interesting *give.*
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    That is definitely an internal AT&T presentation deck. Since 10/15 has come and gone, I would tend to believe that something was uncovered in final testing...
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    Yeah but haven't they been final testing for 2 months now. The slick was created in October..
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    I was looking into this update again and had a couple thoughts:

    1. Why would they include the MobiTV stub when the 680's data speed can't handle video worth a flip?

    2. Page 5 says they will not return inventory (7-14 days) to the distribution center and new inventory is to arrive week of 10/29. What if they are waiting for sell through on old inventory before releasing the the new? Could the sales of 680's be slow enough that 14 days has turned into 5-6 weeks? Would they delay the MR until the New Treos being sold have it?


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    I am anxiously awaiting this update also. According to the original doc, it was to be released a week after the 750 update. That means this week!!

    I am not real hopeful though. Maybe this year ...
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