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    Little by little I'm picking up tips from people who do not have a PC or choose not to hotsync, on how to keep their phones up and running.

    I thought it might be a good idea to link to some threads concerning this issue or at least list helpful applications, hardware and tweaks.

    I installed fontsmoother yesterday and can definately surf the internet easier. There is the current thread on hotsync names and using changename instead. I installed explorer and will mess with it as time allows.

    I love my bluetooth folding keyboard but wish I could rotate the screen on the 755p, so I could use the phone while plugged in.

    I had no PC for the first few months I had my phone. I recently bought a laptop but I need to send it in for repair/replacement. Being PC free will be so much easier this time around.
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    Are you asking a question or just want to share your tips?

    For PC-less sync I use the Palm online backup tool. I don't sync simply because I don't like the Palm hot sync program and the Treo athena connector.
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    Wow, That is cool!

    I was offering the pitiful little I know to get the topic started, and hoping to learn something. I'm still so new to the Treo that I'm still constantly in awe of what can be done.

    Often I can't even imagine certain things are possible, so have no specific question to ask :-) I figure there are lurkers who are the same. Wow us with all the PC free options you know about :-)

    Until about a week ago, I had no idea that it was fairly common for people to have PC free Treos!

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