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    Looks like it's a great idea. Curious about what you all think.
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    I'm using it. Haven't needed it yet, but it looks like it may be handy.
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    I was using it, but they do not provide any way to clear out the data you have backed up and start over. To explain, I had to hard reset my T700p and did NOT want to restore the backup data because I suspected it would contain the offending file(s) that caused the frequent crashes. When I reinstalled the Palm Backup app on my freshly reset phone, the app insisted on restoring the backup. It will not allow me to do anything else. It will not backup and overwrite the backup data until it has restored the data. It will not allow me to wipe the data and start over. I contacted Palm and they told me I would have to have my account closed and start over. NO THANKS.
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    Along the lines of Chodaboy... I did use it but over time I found files on my unit that I know I never placed there. They were made by Palm and the only way they could've gotten on my unit was from Palm sending them while it updated the backups every night. (no Im not a conspiracy monger either) Also my unit got buggier and buggier over time.

    I finally uninstalled the program and eventually had to do a hard reset.

    I've got a couple of other backup options so I'm not going to go back.
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