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    Is it possible to turn off Goodlink? In other words, I want it running during normal business hours but not late in the evening. There seems to be the option to turn it off in version 4.9 in the Good Launcher but after turning it off my 750 just reactivates it within a few minutes.


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    Why don't you just set it to work offline?
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    Because the program is still running and taking up memory. I'd like to be able to shut it down when not needed.
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    Goodlink does not believe in user customization. It is their way or no way. You can't turn it off. You can set profiles. You have to use the home screen. It must use this, this, and that button. You cannot customize anything. 4 years later and it is still the same, bloated, user-unfriendly product and somehow there are no competitors.
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