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    Is there any such thing as taking classes on learning to use palms?

    Sprint told me that they just train all their techs on the job. I couldn't help my sarcastic comment of "that explains a LOT!"

    I'd really like to take palm classes instead of trying to learn on a pc and then apply the info to a similar palm application.

    Treo has VERY few books. Are there any decent palm books that are useful for a treo?
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    There are tons of books that charge 30 buck a piece and teach you something you can learn by just hanging out in this webste for a few hours.
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    If you already know how to use Windows, Palm is no brainer. You don't need a book. Every Treo comes with tutorials installed.
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    Palm is very easy, but if your in L.A. for a few bucks or beers i'll teach a class
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    pdaluver, thanks for the book tips. I found some of them through interlibrary loan. Maybe not worth buying, but certainly worth skimming.

    I'm across the country from you right now, reverendrhino, but I'll remember the invite :-)

    The basics of palm are not that hard, but if you REALLY want to get the most out of it, I think classes would be helpful for many of us, especially those that have big holes in our regular pc knowledge. You cannot apply pc knowledge if you don't have it :-)

    It's like with Splash Money. I had to get a book on MicrosoftMoney and study that and then muck around in Splashmoney to find how to apply it.

    And right now I downloaded explorer and would really like to just be taught explorer without having to learn Windows explorer and apply it.
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    BTW, there is a Treo wiki on this website. Not many people knows about it. I even contributed in some of the entries. *sob*
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    Can anyone point me to info on how to use the built in calculator. Some of the features are intutive, others are not. I'm taking a stats class and really need some help with using it. Thanks
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    This link used to have a manual for a calc very similar to the one on the 650. I just peeked at it and it didn't jump out at me, but if you dig through it it may still be there.
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    Thanks for the wiki tip!

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