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    I'm having hot sync issues and I'm 99% sure its the connection between the cable and the treo. The brass? piece at the bottom of the phone has developed dirt or rust or something and is interfering with the connectin with the cable. I've tried contact cleaner and cleaning it with a pick but to no avail. Any ideas has anyone had this problem before
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    Try a slightly damp with rubbing alcohol Q-Tip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Try a slightly damp with rubbing alcohol Q-Tip.
    May also help to stop by Staples or Office Depot and grab a can of compressed air (CO2). Put the provided straw in the nozzle and fire away at the connector. This should help to dislodge some of the grit.
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    All phones need to dump these stupid connectors and go USB

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