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    This annoying acquaintance of mine accidentally spilled coffee over my phone. I have a case for my 700WX but it doesn't cover the screen or the keypad. Got quite a bit of coffee on the screen and the keypad. I dried it off to the best I could. Seems to have gotten a little in the SD slot as when I pulled out the SD card, a little coffee was on the SD card.

    Everything seems to be working fine. Should I be concerned? How well "sealed" is the Treo? Thanks.
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    Grrr. When I push down on the keys, it feels like its "sticking". Any suggestions?
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    Get your annoying acquaintance to buy you another one.
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    This should be covered under Sprint's total equipment protection plan...if that is applicable to you.
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    It would probably be cheaper to take it to a repair store and have it cleaned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heimlich View Post
    It would probably be cheaper to take it to a repair store and have it cleaned.
    where would i find a repair store?
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    i have the verizon $5/month insurance. i presume it would be covered.

    it still works. irritated that the phone is only 2 months old.
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    $4.00 insurance does not cover water damage. $7.00 insurance covers loss and water damage but with a copay. I've never heard of a $5.00 plan :-0

    I agree that the person who spilled the coffee is responsible! They may not agree though, as people have not yet become accustomed to the idea of their value. People are careful around an expensive car, fearing having to have to pay for damage to it, but not a phone.

    My case covers the keypad and screen. It gets in the way biggest fear is a spilled drink. If I act fast, my case should be enough protection.

    Good luck!!!
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    I have this insurance.

    TEC Insurance - Asurion 09/17 - 10/16 5.99
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    In regards to case with cover over keypad and screen, I would love to but I have the Seidio extended battery so I'm using their case to fit the battery.
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    you can take it apart and clean it with whatever recommended solution you can find. I would say alcohol right?
    Treo 650... 2 broken screens, doesn't sync well, and a jacked up audio jack, but it's still better than anything i've seen so far.
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    caffeine doesnt work for overclocking
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    My theory is that coffee is the most spilled drink of all beverages(by adults) People whip around their mugs like it has jello in it. I have had to dodge more coffee spills. I think people are so used to holding the mug, it becomes an extension of their arm, and they forget they are holding it.

    If you can't tell, I detest that evil bean.
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    isopropyl alcohol 90%
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    Are you guys suggesting that I like pour isopropyl alcohol all over the phone, etc...?
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    use liberal amounts of alcohol, I prefer 95% ethanol over isopropyl. flush out any areas that the coffee may have entered. Obviously do all of this with the battery disconnected. And obviously fully and completely dry/allow *all* alcohol to evaporate -- otherwise you *could* have a little fire...

    If coffee is the #1 spillant, then surely Coke is #2. I've spilt Coke on these kinds of electronics several times. Its worse than coffee because of the sugar and phosphoric acid. But alcohol has successfully clean it up every time...
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    The issue is that the coffee fell between the cracks of the keypad so when I use the keypad, it makes various "crunching/sticky" noises.
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    No don't pour it on the phone.

    Take a q-tip and toothbrush and get clean what ever you can get to. Then take apart what ever you are brave enough to remove and clean that too.

    Put the alcohol on the toothbrush and qtip not directly on the phone.

    We've fixed laptops that had water dumped in them with this method. Go slow and do a good job.
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    OK. Maybe this sounds way too simplistic. Why don't you call your service provider and ask them what your insurance covers. You can also ask where the closest store with a technician is located. Just a thought.
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    Screw the Q Tip. I've took several phones and filled a bowl with iso 91%, and just let the phone soak. Sans battery of course. then set it in the hot sun to dry, after pouring the excess out of the unit.
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