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    And as a final touch after drying in the sun . . . . . put it in a sealed zip lock bag with several of those silica gel packets. This can suck moisture out of even between the layers of the screen.
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    Of course . . . . immersing a phone in anything should be a last resort method of cleaning . . . it is not risk free.
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    Just to lay out why alcohol is a good method:
    1) it is non-ionic, a poor conductor, unlike water (or acids/salts!)
    2) its solvent characteristics are similar to water, so it will dissolve and carry away sugars, salts, etc.
    3) its solvent characteristics are safe for most plastics and paints (though it will dissolve *some* paints such as the marking on PCBs and Sharpie ink), unlike acetone (nail polish remover) for example, which will attack plastics and paints.
    4) it "grabs" water and is very effective in trapping any water around.
    5) it evaporates readily and without any residue, taking any water with it.
    6) it is non-toxic (well isopropyl and ethanol, not methanol).
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