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    My wife and I have been sharing a Cobra GPS unit between cars. I want her to keep it and I'd like to finally take advantage of my 700p and get GPS.

    Is there one BEST solution?
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    You'll probably get several different people posting very passionately about what's the best, and they're all probably right, depending on what you place value on. There are some solutions that are much cheaper, but don't have quite the same amount of features, there are some that require a data link for maps, and others that load the maps on an SD card. Some have 3-D map views, some are only top-down.

    My personal favorite is TomTom, and plenty of people on these forums use it and have good success with it. It's pricey, but has very complete maps, a slew of voices and languages to choose from, 3D views, works very well by loading a complete map of the US and Canada on your SD card. However, its voice can't read street names so it just tells you to turn on the next right instead of turning on Grand St. To some that may be a deal breaker, but I find it suits my needs perfectly.
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    Yes, the undispute best GPS app is TomTom-Garmin.
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    Thank you both for the quick replies.

    I searched the topic and got a bunch of hits, read most of them until my eyes started to hurt, and then was more confused than when I started.

    I saw the little keychain thats recently been advertised but it appears it needs separate software. How does that compare to Tom Tom that many seem to like?
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    There's three main programs for Palm, TomTom, Garmin, and Telenav.

    I've tried Tomtom and Telenav, and prefer TomTom. If you do a search you'd see a ton of differing opinions.

    As for the keychain. Regardless of which GPS receiver you get, you'll need separate software, its just that some come bundled together. You can buy the TomTom software separate from their GPS receiver.
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    I have some experience with Tom Tom on a previous Palm TX, as well as using TeleNav on my Treo 755P (current solution), so I feel qualified to chime in.

    My single biggest gripe with TomTom is that they seem to update the software/maps once a year, and in order to get the latest maps you do have to pay for them. I'm not convinced they will continue to support the Palm community, either. I also didn't like the fact that TomTom didn't tell me what side of the road my destination is on (I was using version 5 so don't know if this has been updated with version 6).

    What I did like about TomTom was that I could hear what it was saying (volume was not an issue).

    I am now using the keychain GPS recently reviewed and have no complaints about it at all. It connects as fast as the review says it does and seems pretty accurate to me. So I'm happy with that particular GPS.

    I am testing TeleNav (doing the free 30 days) and it is working well. I like that TeleNav is updated 4 times a year, along with POIs, etc. They still have some kinks to work out but they do seem to be actively updating/upgrading it. It's a subscription of $9.99 a month which doesn't bother me all that much because I subscribed to Verizon's Navigator when I was with that carrier. The downside to TeleNav is that if you are in an area that you don't have a data connection you are not going to be able to get a route. Or if you have a route and travel through an area with no data connection and make a wrong turn you will be in trouble. At least with TomTom it can still reroute you.

    It really is a personal decision that should also be based on how often you would use it and the areas you need it. Regardless of what you decide to do you will still need a GPS. I can whole heartedly recommend the keychain GPS. It is small, it connects very quickly and I've had no issues with keeping it in my console (behind a closed door) and losing connection. I even flew half way across the country and it powered up and had a satellite lock before we got the car loaded. My old SiRF III receiver took almost 5 full minutes to get a lock. The keychain has been able to lock in my house, and even in a parking garage.

    I would suggest you buy the key chain receiver and then take advantage of TeleNav's 30 day free trial to see if that will fill your needs. At the end of the trial you should have a better idea of what does and does not work for you about that format. If you hate it, try the TomTom maps. But be warned you can't return them.

    ETA: I also tried the Garmin 10 solution a while back and hated it. Volume too low, software too quirky and mapping too hard to read.
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    My vote goes to TomTom Navigator 6
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    I one for TomTom 6 also. It just works.
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    I had mapopolis and was about to go TomTom but decided to by a stand alone GPS. I got my wife a TomTom 510 for 199.00 (refurbished) and it works great. With stand alones so cheap and the way I upgrade phones, a nice portable unit with a decent sized screen makes more sense then adding this to my phone.

    If any of the palm based units were available with a keychain mouse for under 150.00 I might bite.
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    Another vote for TomTom (which I have). My wife just came back from a trip, using Garmin, and feels that TomTom is much simpler to use.

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