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    My wife and I have AT&T service. I have a 680 in crimson and she has a 750 in dark gray. She wants my crimson housing and I her darker color. I don't just want to swap phones because I like the palm operating system, and have been using it forever. She on the other hand needs to use the windows platform. Has anyone ever done this, I assume its possible to swap the guts as the housings are identical. Is it as easy as I think or no?

    Thanks for you help
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    Nope, won't work. They are different. Different fitings, the bottom and top are rounded slightly differently. It was something that caught be a bit off guard when I reviewed the 750 for Brighthand. They really do seem near the same though.
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    I'm sorry I miss typed. I have a treo 680. I edited the original text.

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