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    My wife and I (same problems w/both so I mention it). have treo 755's and Motorokr S9's along with softick audio gateway software.

    1. It works OK if I'm just running straight. But if I turn my head too much or something physically blocks my phone from the headsets it gets interrupted.

    2. About every fifth time I start it the control for switching the songs doesn't work, but the volume does. I have to reset it and start over.

    3. There are several other little probs with the auto phone pick up and resumption of the music.

    4. I think it is very important to notice that both my wife and I are having the exact same problems. Are they recognized?

    5. Anyone have the same set up w/no issues?

    6. Is there a better way to work out w/bluetooth and my 755?

    7. Can anyone point me in the direction of another good forum that can help me with this problem

    I know its long but these things are so sweet if i could just get them to work perfect. Any help would be great. TY
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    Try to always start out this way:

    1. With BT off on the Treo, power on the S9.
    2. Turn on the BT on the Treo. Do NOT run SAG yet
    3. Wait (approx 60 sec) until you hear a beep in the S9.
    4. Now run SAG, wait 5 sec, switch to A2DP device in SAG
    5. You'll have to re-enter 0000

    Now all buttons should work. I think the initial negotiations between the S9 and SAG gets hosed sometimes.

    Keep the buttons and controls on the S9 dry. Excess sweat/moisture can short the buttons.
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    That solved some of my problems.

    Does anyone else have any other resources or answers to some of my other questions.

    Am I the only one having issues. Like I said my wifes do all the same things.

    Thanks, again
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    Try the Softick's forum at
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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