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    The title says it all.
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    Another satisfied customer . I'm glad you love your 700wx! I love my 680
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    Just got my 650 yesterday. Flashed it to Jump Mobile (Cricket) and I am in love with everything on it. =D
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    That's great! Just wait until you find some apps that you really like and expand the usefulness of your Palm. Then you'll really have a hard time putting it down .
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    I love it too becasue I can write my own programs for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Yes, there are many of us who love our Palms--but I'm beginning to wonder why, all of a sudden, there are a litany of "I Love Palm" posts on TC.

    Having been on here for years, I have never seen such joy before.
    Its part of the Treo "secret sauce" ... its well documented medically that if a human or animal knows that it is going to die, of starvation or injuries, etc, that the brain goes into a state of euphoria and peace and bliss as all the endorphins kick in, to make its final moments as pleasant as possible...

    Please don't take this too seriously...

    Perhaps someone will develop a new endorphin-inducing Treo app... that will draw a lot of new customers... just like those rats that self-medicate with cocaine so much they starve to death, ignoring the food nearby... (I'm sure someone at Microsoft has already thought of this for the next release of Vista... and it is already incorporated into the iPhone...)

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    There are always people who love and care about Palm like most of us. It's the same for any product.
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