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    Have had my treo 650 for just short of two years (purchased 11/05). My sprint contract will be up next month and being a cheap sort of person (at times) it would be nice to get two things:
    1. a good price on a new phone
    2. a better model

    Might a palm 755p fit the bill? I'm guessing it would be better then my 650 since a review says it runs on sprints ev-do network. Wished palm offered something better withhout such an outdated OS and browser but we got what we got so far a palm selection goes it would seem.

    If it is worth waiting until around the end of the year that is fine as well but was hoping for one of the Turkey Day sales again at compusa. Think I picked up the 650 for $99 at the time with a two year agreement.

    thanks for any input.
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    Get the Centro. Read the positive posts on the Centro thread here(how can anyone post negative ones without seeing one). $99, and you'll have virtually the same phone as the 755p, with the feel and look of a whole new phone.
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    Sprint replaced my 650 with a 700p since they couldn't fix the 650. Really like the 700p so far. EVDO is so much nicer than the internet conection on my 650. Interestingly, I've compared the 700p side by side with a 755p, and the reception seems to be consistently better on the 700p. I'd consider getting it if you could get it cheap.
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    guess I have been living with the 650 for two years without knowing what issues it had.

    I will go see, I assume, that the 700p is still sold by sprint and check it out.

    Although the Centro might be worth considering I'm not really sure I would be happy with the keyboard. Will of course try one out in the store before I give a 'pass' on it but I'm really use to the keyboard (and like it) on my 650. If the Centro screen was any smaller then that too would be a reason for me to stay away it and instead stick with maybe a 700p or 755p as suggested if cost is not too high.

    Hope my thinking on this is correct...would hate to get the wrong palm/treo upgrade and have to live with it for another one or two years. As you can figure out I'm not a power user. A good quality screen, ability to make notes/task/calendar/contacts is mostly what I do with it. The ability to surf the web faster and with a better browser would be two features I would like but the palm OS built in blazer app is not that great I feel.

    They just changed out some old blackberries at work with a new slim model (glossy black case with a small white lite (it appears) wheel scroller ball. Too bad the screen is smaller and of course the OS is different. Only thing palm still has going for it for me is the fact that the OS is so easy to use plus of course the whole package of what a treo offers that others still are trying to hit the mark on.

    With only 100 post you know I'm not a 'in the know' palm guy but I do have to wonder whom is running the ship at palm when it takes this many years to improve their OS and browser application.....

    Don't kill me with the flames cause my current and next pda phone will say palm on. I will stick with palm but they are not making it an easy choice. The fact that they are a tech company should give them a hint. Tech companies create new products or in time they die...

    I think they will have a hit with the Centro and hopefully good revenue now if they would just make a better treo with new OS and browser to rock the house. Is that asking too much ?

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    You should get 150 credit for renewing the contract, then you sell the 650 for maybe 100-150, that means you can get a Centro for maybe 100 to 150.

    That's my plan if I can't get a Centro via the SERO plan.

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