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    Apple had the same problems in licensing their OS out, and it doesn't surprise me that Palm had the same problems in trying to emulate the darling of those days, Microsoft, in spinning off the OS company and licensing their OS out.
    Whether or not it was a mistake to spin off PalmSource, or more a mistake in just how they went about it, the fact remains that a great proportion of the innovations in the PalmOS and PalmOS-using hardware was accomplished not by Palm, but by its PalmOS OEMs. And Palm gained tremendously from its "competitors". For example: Sony, with its CLIE series really pushed the hi-res screens issue and made numerous other advances.The first several PalmOS smartphones were created by QualComm/Kyocera. The PalmOS emulator made developing for PalmOS much easier -- not a development of Palm but an independent programmer. And of course Handspring with its Visor, and then Treo...

    So Palm did very well by its PalmOS licensees and probably would not have gotten here today without them...
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    they don't plan to have a device ready until early 2009. Read this on Engadget today:

    So, apparently it ain't really that easy and maybe Palm will get it out before some others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    they don't plan to have a device ready until early 2009. Read this on Engadget today:
    So, apparently it ain't really that easy and maybe Palm will get it out before some others.
    That announce appears to be YALC (yet another Linux consortium), and it isn't clear that it has any relevance to the cellphone or smartphone market. In fact that story on Engadget is filed under Handhelds, not Cellphones. A number of companies *already* have Linux cell phones on the market and have for a while now, including Moto, Samsung, Panasonic and the famous OpenMoko. In fact Linux-powered phones is a fairly old idea, see this webpage for piles of such devices:

    So neither Palm nor ALP would be producing anything terribly novel in that regard. Looking at that website really makes you wonder why Palm needs to roll its own versus just buying an existing solution and adding Garnet compatibility to it. But, its all in "the special sauce"... let's hope truly happens within the next year...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickMG View Post
    Bye, Bye ScaryHumor (I can swear I've said that before) bye Tastypeppers, bye Kupe, we're all going to miss you guys.
    Who said I was leaving? I was saying goodbye to Palm - who's days as a viable corporation appear to be numbered now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    I think people may overreact to this news. Palm still has a good product, albeit old, that has capabilities (with third-party programs) no other single smartphone has. Sure we would all like a new, updated Palm OS, but we won't for a while. Hopefully, Palm can put out some updated and innovative devices. The Centro is a good first step.

    People will just have to live with the Palm OS or go find something that better fits their needs (or wants). For me, I can live with my 700P for a while. If something better for me comes along, I will switch and be sorry that Palm couldn't meet my needs.
    Good post. People need a product that fits their needs. Some prefer the palm os, some windows. Some prefer the BB, some prefer the treo line.
    Me, it came to cost and I ended up with the new Q. Do I still want palm to succeed? Yes! Do I want them to update the design of the devices? Yes, and the centro is a good start. Even though I no longer use my treo, I still think I can contribute to the boards.
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