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    Check out this web link!

    Emblaze Mobile may come out with a smartphone running Alps

    2nd site that mentions this "smartphone"

    Israel-based Emblaze Mobile might be the first to introduce a device running ALP, the Linux-based operating system from Access. The company announced today that it is working with Sharp and Access to develop a smartphone.

    PalmSource is now a part of Access, and it's Linux-based operating system is capable of running Palm OS applications.

    Emblaze gave no details on its upcoming product, aside from the fact that it will be working with Sharp on the hardware, and Access on the software.

    It didn't even specifically say this will be a smartphone, but it's goal is to "revolutionize mobile communication," so a smartphone is likely what's being planned.

    The company said in a statement that the device is a result of over five years of design by Emblaze Mobile in cooperation with some of the best Israeli high-tech companies, and that it utilizes some of the most advanced technologies in the mobile and computing arena.

    This smartphone will be first unveiled next year.

    Possibly ALP

    To be clear, neither Access nor Emblaze Mobile have said that this upcoming device will run ALP. It's possible the Israeli company has developed its own operating system, and only wants to include Access' popular NetFront web browser.

    However, ALP has been specifically designed to run on smartphones, so it's quite possible it will be operating system for this upcoming device.

    ALP will be one of two Linux-based replacements for the Palm OS. The other is being developed by Palm, Inc.

    This could sharpen the competition!! (If it runs our current Palm software)
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