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    This may not be the site that wants to hear this, but -

    I've been doing a bit of an experiment this week.

    After some recent, uh.....lack of enthusiasm regarding my Treo 680, I dug about in my old tech drawer and pulled out an old TX, refreshed some programs on it, beamed over some files and databases from the 680, gave it a charge and a sync.

    Then I dug even deeper in the drawer for an 'ancient' Motorola T720 cellphone, gave it a charge and swapped out the 680's SIM card.

    Okay, I no longer have an 'all-in-one' device, but I do have two devices that are built to do what they were intended for.

    I marvel at the loud, crystal clear sound coming from the T720 and the fact I can easily tuck it into my jeans or trousers back pocket - with room to spare. I have all my necessary phone numbers on it - and a SIM can carry 250 of those, so room to spare, thanks.

    Meanwhile, while carrying the TX (should I need to) means I still have a lump to pocket, carry, or - horrors - put on a belt clip, for a device that is only marginally wider (but a whole lot slimmer) than the 680, I have a 'massive' screen that makes the viewing of text, photos, video (in widescreen) and webpages so much more a pleasure. And I don't need to rely on a dubious speakerphone or wired headset to 'multi-task' if someone calls. Each device does what it is meant to do.

    Oh, and lest we forget - I get wi-fi on this Palm.

    OK, I lose out with the lack of a thumboard, but I'm hardly going to write the follow-up to War and Peace on either device - and if I was, it would be the UWK for me....

    Its not exactly an Epiphany, but the experiment so far as shown what it is exactly that this user loses in 'making do' with a smartphone - and the Treo in particular. The 680 is not a great (or even adequate) phone and its miniaturization results in a Jack of All Trades and Master of None as far as its software and usability is concerned. We learn to do things (and accept the results) to suit the device rather than it working for us.

    Its all still a bit of an experiment, but its beginning to look like my 680 will be 'resting' for awhile in the tech drawer while I enjoy the benefits of Old Technology...
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    2 devices? no push email? not me
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    Define the advantages of push email -

    I can access my email when I want to, not when others think it needs to reach me. And lets face it - very few people actually need to be that connected anyway - especially in a non-corporate-CEO, non-emergency medical, non-yahoo-with-finger-on-a-red-button environment.

    Oh and by not being push - my email does very little to improve the bottom line of my wireless provider and that's worth something.

    Two devices? Quel horror! Now I can choose to be as connected as I wish when I go out! And then, when one of them breaks down (and it will) I won't be totally screwed.

    But hey, that's just me.....
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    Now take those 2 devices and and add some chargers and now you need an ipod for music add another charger now go thru the airport with all that. All 3 of those due exacltly what my 680 does and with your wifi you will need to pay at most airports or starbucks to log in.
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    So I have two chargers - one of which was used on the 680 to begin with, so really I've only gained one. But I only need charge the phone once every three days or so - unlike the 680. And I could pick up a really slim charger for the phone - unlike Palm's...

    Don't need an iPod because, like the 680, the TX is perfectly capable of playing audio and video - and none of it DRM'd music and video locked to Apple and their devices. But the TX does have a significantly large onboard memory in comparison to the 680 as well as the usual SD card slot.
    In addition to the 30 ebooks I have on the TX, I have 2 music albums and 6 full movies (plus 30 photos, 20 docs and misc software and data) on the SD in the TX at the moment. And visually, the TX far surpasses any attempt to view, well....anything on a 680 - be it an ebook, a document, Calendar, Contacts, AvantGo or a video.

    Granted, free wi-fi isn't everywhere - but then again, I can check stuff online (like emails) at home without booting up my computer or incurring a data charge on the 680. And while a wireless provider may provide a data plan that is advertised as free or included, there is nothing 'free' about it - the user does pay a premium for having it.
    Meanwhile, there are enough free and lost cost wi-fi sites out there that I can usually find a site if I really need one. Meanwhile other manufacturers are building wi-fi into their handhelds, so I wouldn't discount the value of it yet.

    The 'convenience' of an all-in-one device has not yet shown to me it offsets the barely average results as shown by many smartphones. Other devices other than Treos might have better luck, but one guesses that the convergence of two devices that have two different goals (mobile phone = smallest possible, reliable signal and ability to hear/be heard; PDA = effective software, large screen, efficient navigation and input) immediately puts the concept into trouble. And sadly, Palm has let the Treo fail on almost all those above points.

    Many people are content with the merely 'good enough' if its seen as easier than the alternative...and its this customer companies strive to attract.
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    I was with you, MleB. Reading all about treo problems made me wait for a better palm device - there was nothing urgent about getting a smartphone. My life was anyway well served with a Nokia phone and palm PDA. But BB Curve came along and now my pocket is one device lighter and I don't have to save new contacts twice. Granted, BB doesn't have all the applications that Palm offers. But I adapt. Now, it would difficult for me now to step back to a two-device life. I think before too long you would revert back to your 680, or get a better device than 680.
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    BBs are nice, but again Dolphin, I don't need/want push email - or pay the significant premium to RIM for it. And how many really need that connectivity?

    And the newest BBs are limited to the dinky screen, tiny thumboard and the need to find a work-around when multitasking phone/PDA features as are many smartphones of that particular layout. And I've never been a fan of BT headsets - aside from a reliability issue, its just a little too 'Lieutenant Uhura' (or possibly, 'Borg Collective') for me.

    Oh, and I'd rather have an open running sore than deal with Outlook as my PC's sync location.

    Someone may yet mention the iPhone here as an alternative (even on a Palm thread) and for that, I'll offer a preemptive comment. I have no desire for a product that is (however cool it may look) simply a Content Retrieval Device for iTunes and Apple's approved corporate sponsors - with PDA features either tacked on as an afterthought or that only live 'virtually' on the device - and then, only as long as its connected to the net.

    The 'better' device than the 680 may not exist - in that footprint - for some time yet, and I don't hold out a lot of hope for returning to the 680 anytime soon.

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    My wife carries a simple free flip phone, and lost her co-supplied Palm when she lost her job. She may be a bit frustrated with the tinkering involved in a Treo (although she does occassionally ask me to research stuff online on my old 650 when we are out & about). So... we bought her a Tungsten E off of ebay. She now carries 2 devices (more in her purse, if you include an ipod). We were looking at that TE or a TX. The TX especially tempted me with it's large screen. If I went to carring 2 devices, I could make up for the lack of memory on my 650 by putting some of my programs on the TX. It is a temptation.

    While the new Centro may not be as bad as rumored, it could be a step up from a 650, but not for whatever new POS2/Linux device we may see in a year or more. The larger battery/screen/and keyboard of the now-fixed (underscored MR) 700P is a very good thing it its favor, and would let me keep my standard SD cards. Sad that if I upgrade, I may actually have to consider an old (EOL/Sprint, maybe soon EOL/Verizon) 700P after all this time. While I could get along with a 755P or maybe even a Centro (but I'm on verizon- which has neither), the best alternative seems an old 700P (_MR).

    Sad that nothing coming soon from Palm (do we even know what is?) seems worth considering.

    Sadder still that I may still have my 650 when the Linux treo materializes.

    I'm older than dirt, and my wife still hangs on to me, so maybe "Old" is the new "New".

    "Everybody Palm!"

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