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    I just got done looking at the HTC touch pictures on and wow that device looks AMAZING...What I just DONT understand as many have said before is this...Palm was once on TOP of the game...WHY ON EARTH are they not releasing ATLEAST some news in terms of letting their existing users KNOW that hey WE ARE working on releasing a WM6 Treo-like device thats thinner, more features, gps, wifi, etc and it will be out around such and such date...I would LOVE to see the data on the perminant loss of customers palm is having each day...if we ALL are saying the same thing there is some truth to it...It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out YOU have to let your customers KNOW...why is that SO hard?
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    i thought we are fighting for palm.

    not important as long as we have new PALMOS
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    No. Please move on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beachtrader View Post

    No. Please move on.
    Palm as I see it you need to give information to your user base because we want our new Palms and we would like to see the specs on them!!! Is that too hard to do? Unless the Linux Treo is really 18 months until released and then you do not want to us have the facts. A lot of Treo owners have been Palm users since the inception of the Palm Professional. I guess that does not count for anything. A few have already jumped ship, I have the BB 8830 (a solid device) but I still want my Palm OS programs. Visti with Ed Hardy on options you have. More people will jump ship unless you come forward and release real information. On your blog we do not receive much information; just negative comments (around 80% I guess). Please come to the front and tell when and what our next Treo's will do. Please woo and wow as did Apple. Apple came out 6 months in advance with their Iphone. Would it hurt Palm to do the same. More people are going to jump ship. Please Palm pay attention to your customer base!

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