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    It amazes me how much complaining I hear about the Treo. I love mine.

    Yeah, it has bugs:-0 I've never owned a computer without major bugs:-0 I've owned some TERRIBLE hand me down computers! Hey, that's how I learned most of what I know about computers. Trying to work around the bugs.

    I got the 700P in May, when I was still homeless, not knowing what I was really buying. I was impressed with the keypad and e-mail, and the fact I could watch the news, and get phonecalls wherever I went. I had no idea of what this product was capable of.

    Little, by little, even with my major sleep deprivation and lack of access to hotsync, or hardly even get on a PC at all, I started figuring out what an unbelievable device I owned.

    The full length episodes all froze at 5:58, and being able to constantly reproduce that bug got me a 755p for free :-0 Didn't fix the bug :-) but I got a newer phone for free :-) The engineers have since fixed the bug, where it originated, not in the phones.

    I suffer from major short term memory loss due to trauma. I have learned to use the calendar, memo, to do list, Splash money, handy shopper, and Google map to keep myself amazingly self sufficient. My treatment team is just thrilled with my phone and how much easier it makes THEIR lives.

    My ex is increasing his dangerous behavior again, and I might soon have to take off again and become homeless again, in another state. Sprint has assured me, everything will just travel right along with me, as is, and I can change my phone # anytime I need to, for free, if my ex gets ahold of it.

    To be able to bring my new favorite radio stations (online ones now) to fall sleep to no matter what strange place I end out in. To be able to watch fox news when a major news story is breaking, no matter where I am. To be able to get phonecalls no matter where I end out. To be able to store favorite movies, audio books, print books etc all on a tiny disk and not have to lug the weight on my back. To even play a game of solitaire to soothe me in a stressful waiting situation. The fear of becoming homeless again is so much less as I know I'll have my Treo right there by my side.

    I can honestly say the treo has MAJORLY improved my quality of life. I sometimes just stare in awe that this tiny little thing that does so much for me. I never let it out of my sight.

    I come here to learn how to work around the bugs, and to learn to get the most out of my Treo. I have picked up some great tips and learn about software and accessories.

    Yeah, I've experienced much of what people are complaining about...but...I just expect to have to put up with that stuff. To be honest, I've never owned a PC that fuctioned 1/2 as well as my treo, or gave me access to 1/2 the customer support.

    All in all...I'm one THRILLED customer!

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    I'm with you Wildcatter! I love my 680 for all the amazing things it can do. I love the keyboard, I love Kinoma - people are continuously amazed when I show them live video from London, Hawaii, radio stations from Alaska, the UK, and the wonderful 3rd party programs I've added. Would I love a Linux Treo backwardly compatible with all the great Palm OS programs? You bet! Let's hope it doesn't take as long as the dire predictions we are hearing.
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    I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with my Treo. Hate it because I constantly have to RTN reset it, and rebuild. Love it because I haven't found anything that will do everything it will.
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    Its a love hate relationship. Sometimes my wife calls my Treo and I...Ike and Tina.
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    The beauty of such a device is its ability to enhance our deficiencies. The bad thing though is that I no longer remember telephone numbers. Other numbers yes, telephone numbers no - totally gone. Its ability to remind us, to assist us in our work (I use mine hours at a time with HanDBase and DTG), to relax with at the end of the day (classics via eReader), well worth the occasional problems.

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    I am extremely happy with my 700p, warts and all. There is no other device on the market that will allow me to do so many different things. While I'm hoping that the Palm/Linux OS will see the light of day, the current OS is quite useful for me. I also have no complaints with the Treo form-factor, but I wouldn't complain if it were a bit thinner and lighter - assuming battery life wouldn't be compromised.
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    My 680 is great. It suffered from the gibberish issue up until a fix was released for it. I have no complaints with it at all. I have also wondered about all the complaints. My thoughts are that, given an avenue, people tend to voice their complaints rather than their praises.
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    I LOVE my 755p!
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    I love my 680.. I do a dozen daily things with it at least, and would be lost without it..

    People talk about stability on Palm OS.. My phone randomly reset the other day on me after 19 days, and before that was 14 days, before that 16 days. So 3 resets in 7 weeks.

    I have by no means a light phone... I have hordes of stuff installed, and a lot of background apps.
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    I love my treo so much that I am freaking right now cause its in the house somewhere and I have it on mute and cannot find it...I love you 650....come back to me!!
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    I've loved all my various Treos since January of '05.
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    I love my 700w i use it every day for different things
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    I love my Treo 755p. The 650 was cool, but the 755p is fantastic!

    It is made even better with the freeware addon ( )

    It went naked since May and now I have the casemate form fitting case and I like it clothed (my 755p has some scares from nake falls on concrete).

    The new extended battery is helping too.
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    i have loved all my treos
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    I may not know, but I'll bet my phone does!
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    All things considered it is still the best thing going. I love my Treo 750.
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    Love my 700P. Especially now that it looks like the MR is working good. There really is not any other comparable device available, at least if you have Verizon.
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    I would not do an even swap for any other device on the market right now. I'd keep my 700wx. Has everything I need or want.

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    I'd completely love my Treo 750 if it had Wifi. That's the one and only thing that makes me long for the dark side (HTC Kaiser / Kasier II.)

    Maybe with the new Apple people now at Palm, we'll see some greatness in a year.
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    680 better than my 600, they all have their problems! and strengths
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    I like my 750 but I think it's time after about 8 months to move on to something more powerful, slimmer, and something with more features than what the 750 offers.

    I still want a qwertbar device so I will have to wait for the iPaq 914 or maybe a US release of that sweet looking Samsung i780.
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