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    Here's what it amounts to - Palm will be around for a while...

    People will buy the phone that works for them. Some swear by BB, some by Treo, some by Moto Q, etc... That's why I have a Treo and will for quite some time, and why my wife has a BB. She likes the form factor of hers, and that it's relatively simple. I like the flexibility of the Treo, and the form factor (I think hers is too small)...
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    i hated my unstable treo 700p, but now love my treo 755

    love the fact of all the customization u can do with third party applications

    my only beef is the size of it, i wish it was of the size of the BB pearl.. but with touch screen
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    My Treo 650 is the best! Yeah, the onboard memory is a bit cramped, but it's GSM and PalmOS, and the battery (especially my new 2600 mAh one) beats the pants off the 680.

    I've had a 650 since late 2005 and am continually amazed at all I can do with it using the multitudes of Palm applications out there, and most of them even being freeware!

    Oh, and I'm a chronic tinkerer, so being able to muck about with custom ROMs is a big plus over the later Treos too. With the FAT32 mod and my 4GB SD card, I'm good on storage.

    I like it so much I recently bought a Black Tie edition on eBay, just because I'm a sucker for special edition things, and I especially liked the black and mirror chrome look. (I sold my previous Pa1m0ne silver GSM unlocked to my boss).
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    I have to agree with all those who say that they don't like slim phones, slim phones is horrible battery life. I love the form factor of my treo and it is the right size for being comfortable and have a decent battery life. I just chuckel when I see my brother with his pearl run back and forth to his charger while I sit back and enjoy being away from them chargers.
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    I haven't received my Treo yet (Ships out Monday), but I'm in love with it already lol.
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    Let me tell you, I'm currently stuck at the St. Louis airport for the past 10 hours due to a U.S. Airway flight gone bad (looong story). During these hours, my Treo 755p is my best friend as I'm traveling alone. I've used the Flight app numerous times, text msgs, email, phone and web apps, plus hours and hours of internet music via PTunes (Sky 50s,60s,70s music). I've already drained my first battery, but fortunately had an extra charged battery to swap out. Now I'm posting this reply to kill some more time until my rescheduled flight arrives. I tell you, who needs friends when your trusted Treo is always with you? The Treo is so handy in many ways. Last thought, do yourself a favor and don't fly with U.S. Airways. I've had 2 bad experiences with major delays in the past week. Never again!
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    Try Virgin America, it's pretty cool. I'm actually in san francisco, supposed to be on vacation, but had to check on the TC forums. On my Treo of course!
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