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    I'm not much of a computer guy but I was just wondering....Now that the iphone has been hacked and unlocked would there ever be a possibility of installing the palm os on an iphone?. More than 1 operating system can be installed and used on desktop and laptop computers(linux on pc, windows on mac, etc) so why not on a mobile device?
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    In a perfect world, we would be running virus-free OSX on our home-built x86 box right now.

    So to answer your question, no, sorry.
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    What would you gain? None of the features in the iPhone would be present in the Palm OS...
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    the palm os would operate alongside the operating system on the iphone (not instead of). this would allow you to run all the excellent applications only avaiable on the palm platform and still be able to switch over to the iphone platform for everything else

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