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    OK so I am really not liking any of the new Treos. The 755 is no different than my 650 other than a little better form/weight, and some tweeks. Also the OS and its lack of true multitasking support and the fact that it is the same as my 600 was back in 2001. So I think it is time to say goodbye to Palm OS, unless they get the Linux OS out real soon.

    One thing that I do love though is threaded SMS, which apparently WM6 doesn't support, except for the Treo 750. I want threaded SMS on a replacement. May look at a Moto Q9c when they come out from sprint, but would have to get a 3rd party messaging app, or hack a treo WM messaging app. So has anyone gone through this and found a smartphone with threaded SMS that they have happily replaced a Treo with? My needs are e-mail access (POP and Web), Outloook Sync of Contacts, Music/MP3 support, threaded SMS (want more than need), QWERTY keypad, and for it to be stable. I am not a power Treo user but need more than a traditional phone can do and I am hooked on a QWERTY. Want to stay with Sprint too.

    So far here is what I have considered:

    Moto Q9c (when available in November)
    Blackberry 8830 (no camera, $40 sprint Crackberry plan)
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    There are several threaded SMS apps for WinMobile. Just purchase the one that works for you. TEXTR is one of the latest, and there are a few others.
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    Yeah I was hoping for something not so klugy. Also Textr doesn't work on the low end edition of WM6 from what I read. I am amazed the MS or RIM haven't put threaded SMS in the OS natively. Good thing for Palm to since their innovation apparently isn't there anymore and they just want to keep putting out Garnet 5.X.X devices (they are beating the dead horse with this OS now).
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    I think that threaded sms is not preferred on business devices such as the blackberry because they think that people email more than sms.
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    You can put Palm Threaded SMS for WM on any WM5 or 6 Pro device (you can even use it on the BJ and Dash, though it's not perfect on there).

    Read here --> Link

    Textr is complete and utter garbage.

    There is also some freeware threaded apps. PocketCM is pretty amazing (it has threaded SMS as well as a contacts replacement)

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