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    It's a really great series (we're on part 8 now). I spit milk out of my nose when I read this (and I haven't drank milk in years):

    They were so concerned making sure the Treo 650 and subsequent products would be reliable, that they would have an acceptable return rate, and so on, that this became the sole focus of the company.

    Frankly, I was disappointed by the productivity of the existing team in terms of delivering even derivative products on time, within the budget. I would characterize this period [2005-2007] as sort of wading through. There was growth, and it was generating cash, and we certainly had good market share, but we were by no means breaking out.
    Benhamou is leaving the board as part of the elevation deal and I wonder how much he's culpable for the issues he's talking about here. I'd always assumed the answer was "very," but perhaps not if he's able to talk about them so clearly.
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    Very, very interesting notes here. Thanks for the link.

    I'd say he was just as much responsible, but it seems that exceution seemed to be something that Palm has had an issue with for a while. From this story, seems like all were very new in their positions, and there was not much of an attempt to bring in people/a person who had the knowledge of how to navigate these waters.

    EDIT: thanks for this site, its now added into my feed reader list. Really solid commentary all around, and love the interviews.
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    They are still wading through...

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    Eric was in charge when they drove out the founders, who produced the product that saved the company. He was in charge when they spun off PalmSource, which proved to be a crucial strategic blunder and was the cause of Palm's years of stagnation. And he was responsible for choosing the management teams that squandered its industry leadership position.

    It's wonderful that the company has grown, and is profitable and operationally sound, but I think it's a great thing for the company that he's gone.
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    Good article to this point. Nice to actually see a little of what was going on behind the scenes even if it only one mans perspective.
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