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    I think the reason everyone's getting excited about the iPhone is because it's a device that's sort of made for the above average user. Many of them bought Treos because they needed more functionality than a RAZR, but it was too much phone for them....
    Absolutely, which is why the iPhone does well for it's target audience. Many buy WM for that same reason, when by MS's own assertion WM is primarily a business tool, not a media-centric device. Some never needed all of that hence the iPhone fills the void.

    So the iPhone has it's market, which is different from WM, BB, POS, etc.

    Basically it comes down to this: if you can ditch your Treo (WM or POS) and use the iPhone right now and not miss anything, you never really needed the Treo in the first place--you needed something that wasn't previously on the market.

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    its all foleos's fault.
    so the 650 its going to be until whenever the linux one comes out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinx View Post
    its all foleos's fault.
    If Palm had used the same core Linux platform for both the impact might have been less.

    Then again, that would have made sense...

    How many different software platforms have been touted as the replacement for PalmOS now? How much time has been wasted??

    I know there are factors (battery technology, lcd development, etc) that are out of Palm's hands preventing them from releasing the phone of our dreams today, but these are issues that were in their control.
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    ┐Factors? Foleo core elements are the same as any other Palm device.

    Palm management is simply stupid developing two OS for the same tecnology
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    Interesting read on Linux cell phones:
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