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    I own a Treo700wx right now and It's not bad but it's performance can be pretty just seems like it needs more ram or a faster processor it just gets choked up all the time even when I'm not doing alot at the same time. So I'm thinking about getting rid of it and getting something else but I'm not sure if the phone that I want even exists and I'm hoping maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.

    Basically the things that are important to me are:

    Internet - The closest I can get to a normal web surfing experiance the better in terms of both speed and features.

    GPS - I know alot of smart phones have google maps which is great but it would be really nice if I had live GPS I'm a club DJ and I travel alot there are alot of times I find myself in the wrong area and I need to quickly find my way with out having to put in my current location alot of times I don't even know it.

    All the normal PDA functions making appointments and all that I'm also a big time list maker so it would be very important to have a decent text application (like MS Word but I don't really like windows mobile)
    the ability to up the storage (like and SD card) and watch movies/play music from it.


    Phone - it is afterall a phone so it should work well and speaker phone is important too.

    Live weather - ideally right on my home screen I currently have a free program that give me the 5 day forecast on my main screen so something like that.

    A good alarm program - the one on my treo sucks and almost got me fired but I downloaded a free app that works great so just something that is loud and doesn't stop until I shut it off.

    the ability to run AIM

    the ability to run a Nintendo emulator (like pokeNES)

    WiFi - I'm not 100% sure how smartphones with WiFi work but it seems like if you are anywhere with a wireless connection then you can connect to the internet and get full phone service if that is true then I want that!

    Full qwerty keyboard.

    a good user community - one of the main things that influenced my choice of the treo and what has keep it such a great choice.

    Things that are not important:

    it's a huge thing on most smart phones but I honestly don't care about it I use Gmail and Hotmail so as long as I can check those on my phone then that's all I need.

    Digital Camera/Video - it's never good enough for me to actually use so I can really go either way with that.

    So do you guys think that there is a phone out there for me??
    or am I dreaming?

    BTW I am on Sprint.
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    There are several that have everything you want. I just bought the TyTN II. Here are a few of its specs:
    400 MHz dual core processor
    256 MB ROM
    128 MB RAM
    HSDPA/UMTS: Tri-band 850, 1900, 2100 MHz
    HSDPA: Up to 384kbps for upload and 3.6Mbps for download
    UMTS: Up to 384kbps for upload and download
    GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad-band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
    Main camera: 3 megapixel CMOS color camera with auto focus
    Second camera: VGA CMOS color camera

    opps,,,,, your on CDMA huh,,,,,,,,,, Sorry your out of luck I think..... I dont know of any CDMA phones that have all that.
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    You should have put the Sprint part on top, it would have saved me reading the whole thing...

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    Well with a sprint CDMA phone you have a few different options but you'd have to either give up GPS or WiFi. All your options are on thier website.
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    n95 lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    n95 lol.
    N95 doesn't have a touchscreen, the user is on Sprint so user's out of luck for any.

    If were GSM, the HTC Artemis would work perfectly.
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    He also wanted a keyboard.

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    And dont forget to give up the GPS and the EVDO too.

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    There is nothing on Sprint right now that fits all the specs. Treo 800w will the closest but won't be available untill early 2008.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikecc View Post
    There is nothing on Sprint right now that fits all the specs. Treo 800w will the closest but won't be available untill early 2008.

    Also, for the OP, have you tried using MemMaid 2.0? Set it on auto to run every day at 4am and you should have no problems with the device getting sluggish. The rest you can basically do now except wifi and GPS require external addons.

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