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    This is what I want in a unified device:

    Assuming that Palm updates the UI, and it's fast, and can multitask very well, I think they would find many that would be willing to shell out upwards of $1000 for this device.

    It would also set a new high end benchmark in the smartphone market.
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    Have you seen the HTC Shangri-La? (Now called the HTC Shift).

    The only thing it's missing, which was a deal breaker for me, is that even though it has a cell-phone built in, it won't do voice calls! I would have bought this in a second, but there's no way without cellular voice. Anyhoo, this device is pretty friggin' sweet.
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    Palm definately needs up the ante with an inovative high end device. Something like this:

    ...with the addition of a touch screen and QWERTY. How about a full screen version ala the Prada with dual slider/split qwerty in landscpe.

    That would be phone worth $699.
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    Take a look at the LG Prada.

    I think it is even better looking than TPTMNBN.

    Now imagine sliding out half a QWERTY/dial pad on the bottom, and the other half QWERTY on the top for landscape typing. Pack it with N95 specs, open source OS and a slick UI and you could could have yourself a very cool, very desireable smartphone many would spend good money for.
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