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    Quote Originally Posted by BigTex View Post
    The itouch has WIFI so you will be able to buy songs from itunes while @ starbuck!
    The person who first posted that must be wanting to gouge their eyes and ears out now. Unfortunately, people got the idea that was the *only* place it would work. No. Starbucks is entering into a deal where iPod Touch/Phone users will be able to connect via WiFi at no charge and will have some additional functionality -- such as seeing what song is currently playing at the Starbucks or what has played recently.

    The other features, such as iTunes WiFi store, etc work on any WiFi network, *including* Starbucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    Actually, this cuts both ways.

    If only Apple could make a decent iPhone that did all my (insert preferred WM device here) can do*, I wouldn't have to write-off the iPhone so quickly.

    Apple only makes a great converged device if you don't need half of what WM can do.

    * By this I mean: 3g, games, install programs, Slingbox, Bit torrent, native IM, a2dp, DUN, GPS, audio record, stream radio, all of which the iPhone cannot do & would require a second device.
    Unfortunately as a Smartphone the IPhone has much more basic limitations than the ones you have mentioned. It doesn't even have a full suite of PIM applications unlike every PalmOS, WM and BB smartphone. Its email capabilities are also a bit basic. This would be less of an issue if you could install applications on the device. My big problem with the iPhone as a phone though is the SIM obnoxious locking.

    So the iPhone doesn't work for me as a Treo replacement but I love the iPod software and the web browser (the Treo sucks for web browsing and playing MP3s) so I can see the attraction of the iPod Touch as a Treo companion. I am disappointed they removed so many of the iPhone apps though. They should have least kept Google Maps but they could have also left the other datacentric apps on there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur View Post
    I like the Touch, but I bet it doesn't do DUN. Does it even have bluetooth. Of course if your phone has WIFI you could probably set up an ad hoc network and connect through there...

    This may not be the case. There's a photo on Apple's website that shows the bluetooth icon in one of the far corners. It may have been an unannounced feature.
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    I have owned every treo in the evolving lineup....but that iphone looks good. Only thing keeping me hooked is Sprint's data versus junky ATT Edge. I HOPE Treo comes out with wimax phone before iphone goes 3g.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781 View Post
    This may not be the case. There's a photo on Apple's website that shows the bluetooth icon in one of the far corners. It may have been an unannounced feature.
    iPod Touch internals are very similar to iPhone (except for GSM radio). Bluetooth chip is onboard iPod Touch, but it has not been activated, nor has Apple sought FCC certification for it. This may be a future software update activation (assuming they pass FCC).
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuBi View Post
    I'm right there with you.. No way I'm carrying a PDA and a iPod Touch. That just defeats the purpose.
    I am now carrying a Treo 680 Orange and an iPod Touch.

    I love mac products but will NEVER get an iPhone.
    I need a keyboard.

    The combo of the two products is perfect.

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    Not really...

    Although i suppose you could get a mobile router for the sprint phone which would give you wifi for the

    I suppose it'll be a moot point in 5 years. Wifi won't be needed as wireless gets even faster. Exciting times ahead as we get closer to devices having the best aspects of what we see now in various phones.
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    Touch does nothing I want(divx, ogg, flac, ogg, and ums suport). Oddly enough my Treo can do things I want the Touch to do, but Verizion keeps delying their touch screen WM6 phones. So I guess I am out of luck atm.
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