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    I just discovered Pocket Tunes on my 755, if I had known about it I never would have gotten into itunes &an ipod.

    Question I have is; how do I easily convert my protected itunes songs to Windows Media Player so I can put them on the Treo. I have seen several 3rd party downloads, but not sure what is legit.
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    You are correct, that PocketTunes is a very good application and can be an Ipod replacement. Of course, you can burn your Ipod songs to a cd then re-rip them. There are also third-party apps that will basically play your music and then re-record it in an .mp3 or .wma format. Some may question the legality, but its really akin to recording one of your cable movies onto a dvd. You are really just converting the music you purchase to another format. As long as you aren't giving it to someone else or selling or uploading it, I don't see a problem.

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