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    To be quite honest, the upgrade from the 650 to 755 was pretty disappointing. sure, it's sleeker and more sexy, but bottom line, it wasnt much of an upgrade.

    maybe the connection is a tad faster, but it is still laggy. the palm o/s isnt that much more stable than the 650. even with maybe 6 times more 'memory' it claims, the RAM feels like its the same size - my conclusion from all the resets i'm still getting.

    the camera, perhaps more pix elated, actually appears less lively. in another entry, someone told me to learn how to take better pics. i took many candid shots with my 650 and by far they have all looked better than any 755 shot.

    one would expect an entire "105" (650-755) number upgrade would translate into practically a no nonsense phone, but frankly, if i had known, i MIGHT have opted for another phone. dont get me wrong, i still love the treo, but with all the marketing, i was expecting a lot more....
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    probably even more a reason the 650 still has a large following.

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    With zlauncher (or similar) handling the lack of memory on the 650, the main difference is EVDO. It is high speed for streaming AND allows phone calls to come through when in an active connection.
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    You might try getting familiar with what's causing your resets.

    An over stuft memory will give you resets, some poorly written apps will give you resets. and some apps won't play nice with others resulting in resets.

    I have a MR'd Sprint 700p, which is a 755p in 700p clothing.

    I have no resets and have no lag. Except from certain apps like 2Day that has to access some files before opening. The delay is like 2 seconds. All other apps open right now. I have 105 apps on the 700p and keep the large apps and apps I don't use everyday on the 2gig card.

    In a nutshell, I believe constant resets and long lags are user caused....

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    I'm a 650 to 755 upgrader & couldn't be happier... I my case more memory, & evdo is just what the doctor ordered....
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