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    I am a TOTAL Tech geek and I have to have the best of whatever phone is out. Years ago I had a 7100 Blackberry and it completely sucked as a phone.
    I then transfered over to Verizon and was talked into the "Q". Though I really liked the size, it completely sucked as a phone.
    I was then talked into a XV6700 b/c it was exactly what I needed and the "Q" was junk according to the tech guy at my local Verizon Store. Oh, I forgot to mention, in one weekend while I was out of town on business my "Q" FRIED, they could not give me a reason and I had no phone for as week. My phone IS my business as well. I have a new one but still ahve not hooked it up b/c I found it is CRAP.
    Well, now, When someone calls, it locks up and I can't answer it. It stays on lock with the caller ID showing until it goes back to PW needed mode before it will go away.
    I ended up taking the internet portion off ONLY b/c it was cheaper and I had invested in a USB721 (or whatever) for my laptop to have access anywhere b/c I travel with my business alot.
    I am SERIOUSLY tempted to but the USB off, pay the 175 disconnect, and throw my 6700 out a window somewhere.
    I have spent WAY too much money on phones and don't get ANY help from the verizon people. Being I am not happy and THEY suggested it, they should help I feel.
    I did not take into consideration the the tech guy who told me it was 'the bomb' had two phone. I can see now why. one for a PHONE and one for a PDA.

    I have yet to try the treo, Are they strong enough to be BOTH a PDA and phone, Are they worth the money and which one is best? the 700P, 700 W 650 there is so many versions.

    I use it for business and email, and internet so I need something powerful. They told me the 6700 will do it, they were wrong. SO I'm seeking help abroad so I can get HONEST answers.

    Thanks in advance,
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    If you are a TOTAL tech geek you already know what the best phone is. Anyhoo if you want my opinion I would pick the newly announced 8GB n95.

    As for WM Treo phones, they are made by the same folks who made the 6700, HTC.

    As for PalmOS Treo phones...they are tailored for the traditional Palm users I don't know if you can get used to it.

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