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    I'm sure many of you have read this already:

    "Google is working on a mobile OS, and it's due out shortly" (8/28)

    This could be bad news, once again, for Palm since it appears that at the very least, they may have some competition and at the most, this competition might beat them to the punch as far as release.

    Based on a Linux OS, the idea of a full google phone could be very enticing--especially if it has, as rumored, built in GPS for Google Maps (though, surprisingly, I like MS Live Search for mapping better).

    There is also this story too:

    "HTC insider confirms Google Phone?" (8/28)

    The winning handset will sport a custom version of Google Maps with built-in GPS, GMail, and Calender support, as well as Google Talk with VoIP (read: Wi-Fi) capability. All in all, this sounds like a match made in heaven. Expect this to drop sometime during Q1 of next year if things pan out.

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    the rumor of google phone has been heating up recently with articles from Wall Street Journal. it seems very possible google will release the phone way before the holiday season kicks in.
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    Haven't read any articles but my info was that Gphone was very imminent. They got the FCC to open up some bandwith.
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    I guess we're talking an unlocked GSM phone here
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    Put this in the realm of "extremely unlikely", but imagine if Hawkin's recent vague reference to some major news from Palm coming soon and BGR's reference to "Google will announce its mobile plans some time post-Labor Day (September 3rd); " were the same thing?

    Now *that* would be interesting.

    Ok, back to reality ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomvb2000 View Post
    Ok, back to reality ...
    A hybrid Google/Palm OS would be pretty amazing, but I don't think it'd ever be as Palm seems set on owning their own OS, like Apple. But it's certainly fun to think about!

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    I agree - it won't happen. At least until Palm comes out with something interesting, all we have are dreams - at least their fun.
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