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    I just received an email from Palm regarding my negative review of the Voicedialing software. The original version worked fine on my 650 but version 2 doesn't work on my 650. I wrote the review a few months back. Better late then never as they asked for my input on resolving the issue.
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    Thanks for posting the full response & a link to the review. =]
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    No need for sarcasm.

    What I typed:
    44 of 91 people found this review helpful:

    13-Jun-07 by anthony lauro
    Upgraded from earlier 2.0 version and it caused nothing but problems. The built-in voice was all garbled and full of static. I felt I was ordering at a fast food drive thru. Went back to my previous version and it is working fine again on my Treo 650.
    Also, Palmgear has this listed as a newer version then palm's website

    I don't have the original email anymore.

    To summarize:

    We will look into resolving the issue. Please send use your model # carrier information, firmware version, etc. and we will rectify the problem.
    Thank you for supporting palm.
    Director of product support/ engineering.

    It was something to that effect.

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