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    I just received a text message from my ex wife that said something like " Good night - I will be thinking about you..." . Now, we're friends, but that seemed a little strange. I asked her WTF? And she said she just texted me, but something very different, and that she did not text that sentence to anyone. She's at a concert with lots of cell and text traffic obviously. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
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    i hope that cant happen
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    I think she meant to send it to someone else and accidently sent it to you.
    Sorry to be harsh, but I have never heard of this happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    I think she meant to send it to someone else and accidently sent it to you...
    Yeah, you might want to invest in a private detective...
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    Well, it was from the ex. Maybe she was a little tipsy and in a "sentimental" mood.

    I've received double texts before, but never anything like this. I did have a problem for a while with sending texts to the wrong person. This usually happened when their name looks almost identical to someone else's, and I pick the wrong one from the list.

    Almost got me in BIG trouble once.
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    Did she ever send a message like that? I've heard of Sprint customers getting old text messages resent to them.
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    No she's never sent messages like that before. She lives with her boyfriend, was at the show with her boyfriend, and after a second conversation with her today (now definitely sober), she swears she has no idea what that was, never typed those words, etc. The context of the text message doesn't even make sense in our lives. Here's the conversation... (yes the initial message was just cut off like this, but had a letter sized square (weird) at the end that didn't translate when I emailed this to myself).

    Missy (8/25 9:30 pm): Good night - I will be thinking about you & hopefully
    Me (8/25 9:36 pm): wrong person
    Missy (8/25 9:34 pm): No u! Thought u would think funny! Sorry
    Me (8/25 9:40 pm): Huh? It was broken. All it said was: Good night - I will be thinking about you & hopefully
    Missy (8/25 9:38 pm): So not from me.
    Me (8/25 9:43 pm): What?
    Missy (8/25 9:46 pm): Texts r crossed. I sent something about guy puking
    Me (8/25 9:52 pm): Really? That's weird. yours said you would be thinking about me! Haha! I knew that was wrong!

    Opinions? I'm really interested to know if this is possible? There is a remote chance she is lying. But that message doesn't make any sense. And how it was cut off with a small box that I've never seen before?
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    oh also, see the time-stamp threading? almost every text i get these days comes in with a time-stamp that precedes the time-stamp on the message I sent before that one.

    Yes I use Sprint. Is this common these days? I don't think I remember this happening but every once in a while. Now it happens with every text conversation I have.

    And I let the network set my time. It isn't off or incorrect.
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    maybe your treo is bad?
    something could be wrong with your treo.
    However, it still sounds fishy.
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    I have seen some crazy things happen with text messages. I wouldn't think anything of it. In general the whole short message system is badly engineered. The craziest occurrence I've encountered was receiving a text message on a phone that I know longer had hooked to service. SMS is fast (when it goes through), and convenient (when it works) but that's it! I wish we could lose the whole crappy system and go strictly on pushed email to the phone.
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    I've also received texts up to half an hour after turning the phone radio off. Weird - does it take that long for the Treo to process some messages?
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    What I've gotten a few times is someone else's conversation loud and clear on MY phone when I dialed a completely different number not even related to those people! And one time I was even able to join the conversation!!!

    How's that for weird?
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    Yay, yay come join the treo party line,,,,,, hey baby how ya do'in???? Treo much? Chuckle chuckle ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter View Post
    Yay, yay come join the treo party line,,,,,, hey baby how ya do'in???? Treo much? Chuckle chuckle ;-)
    You're a goof!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    You're a goof!
    welcome back
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    welcome back
    Thanks Cadman...
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    Maybe she meant she crossed her messages up?

    I have had a problem before where I received messages that I had received hours ago (problem was I received at least 50 in that hour or so) after I got the new PRL update.
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    I'm thinking she sent you a msg intended for someone else. Common mistake. The wierdest text behavior I've ever seen is double texts.

    Something like this happened to me last year. I got a bizarre msg from my ex when we were still together that made no sense. We had done our regular morning text convo & had just finished up. About 5 mins later I got some wierd mushy crap that didn't relate to our conversation at all. It was something like "I miss you, now that you're working you don't even notice I exist anymore! No goodbye kisses, no I love yous, blah blah blah". I got MAD. He concocted some bs about how he was 'cleaning out his inbox' & accidentally forwarded me a text from his ex from a long time ago or whatever. Riiiight... Like he could have accidentally combined just the right sequence of keypresses on his bizarre SE phone & just have accidentally pick my name out from halfway down his contacts list.

    Gotta love accidents.
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    Yea I was thinking for a while that she was full of crap and really meant to send that message to someone else and didn't want to admit it. And then I started analyzing the text and the way it was typed. It has every word spelled out, and it uses the ampersand "&". Two things she never does. She wouldn't know how to find the ampersand on her little non-qwerty flip phone if it meant her life. She's far from the the brightest crayon in the box. And she NEVER types the word "you" out. It's always "u". As you can see twice in one sentence of hers. And even the dash "-". She would never bother with that even if she knew how to display it. She's the laziest text'er ever. No way she types out a message with no shortened words.

    So, not that it is all that important, but I am very convinced that this text message came from someone else. A crossed text message I guess. Not the biggest deal in the world, but interesting that it is a real possibility.

    I did call Sprint one day while sitting in traffic to ask them about this and the incorrect time stamps. After 15 minutes on hold I somehow got CS instead of tech support and the tard that answered the phone told me he needed to re-program my phone. I demanded tech support and after another 10 minute hold I got someone with 4 brain cells instead of 1. She was also helpless though and tried to transfer me to level 2 tech support. And when that went to hold I hung up. Not worth that much time or BS.
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    If she isn't the brightest crayon in the box, how is it she knows about cross texting? Reading your dialog she is the one who brought it up. I'm not thinking there is cross texting going on here (if there is such a thing). Could someone else been playing on her phone? It be pretty easy if she was intoxicated at a concert.


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