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    Nothing Earth shattering, but it shows they are listening.
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    I find it sad/odd that people ask to be thanked. How genuine is it when you have to ask? It's like forcing your kid to call Grandma, to thank her for the new underwear she sent for their birthday.

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    And he still didnt say anything worth noting.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex View Post
    And he still didnt say anything worth noting.
    Ummm yes he did :
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehsan View Post

    I already read that and stand by what I said; he didnt say anything worth noting..IMO.

    Besides, actions speak louder than words.
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    Colligan said he forwarded it to every member of the Palm executive staff. Treocentral member "Jas O" said he would forward it to Bono & Elevation partners, as well. This should stir the pot and get the creative juices flowing.
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    Engadget open letter to Palm

    Ed Colligan's response:

    Thanks Engadget

    Dear Peter, Ryan and Joshua:

    Thank you for the very thoughtful post about Palm. I really appreciate the fact that you guys and others care enough to take the time to write such a comprehensive list of actions. I forwarded it to our entire executive staff and many others at Palm have read it. Although I canít say I agree with every point, many are right on. We are attacking almost every challenge you noted, so stay tuned. Letís remember that it is very early in the evolution of the smartphone and there is enormous opportunity for us to innovate. We have only just begun to fight!

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I really do take your comments to heart and I know the team at Palm is totally committed to delivering the best mobile computing solutions in the world.

    -Ed Colligan
    The Official Palm Blog
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    I didn't get anything out of this.

    They just sent me a 680 survey - I own a 700p.
    I ponted out that the survey was misdirected and also took the opportunity to remind them they really screwed up the MR update.

    So not only do they not communicate well with their customers, (the MR fiasco) when they decide to communicate, they're not sure who to direct the communications to.

    Regardless, I love my Treo, but really think they need to get their act together.

    Good Luck
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    Ed's been saying this type of thing for years. Stay tuned indeed folks for the status quo!! More of..... well.... just little increments above the same ole same ole.
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    Let's hope that the Linux Palm platform will give Palm the flexibility on the hardware platform. I have a feeling that POS 5.x is limiting them in more ways then just multi tasking and the laundry list of other problems with it.

    or they are just ****ed... hard to tell at this point.
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    What I'd really like is a new Treo with:
    1) Same shape and keyboard of 680
    2) 3G with HSDPA
    3) WIFI
    4) Linux core

    That's enough for me, since I really really like the aesthetics of the 680. Maybe just a bit slimmer, but that's ok anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncc1701p View Post
    This just in.......
    Not really, as this thread is about Ed's response and both those links have already been posted
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    I decided it was about time for me to remember that despite it all, I still am a Treo fan.
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    and if they somehow would make the darn thing less bulky and less heavy i'd be a fan again too! oh, it would also have to work without the resets.

    (and it would have to have a larger and higher resolution screen)
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    I look at this whole situation and think of USWest (Currently Qwest). Back in the day they were horrible if not herendous in the phone business (In Arizona). If not they were even more herendous in their customer service department. Well after many years they really got on the gun and did a total 180 in every aspect where they failed at. All I can do is sit back and watch on the audience to see if Palm can pull this off. I've been a PalmOS user since the Visor(Phone) days and its been a fantastic ride but it's time to grow up or get out. Best of Luck to Palm and hope they can reclaim the market.
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    I've had a Palm since the Pilot 5000 back in the day, so i'm very loyal to the PalmOS. I think now though it's mostly due to the fact that i've got so much money tied up in after-market software. Which the dev community and the plethora of 3rd party apps to make the Treo do stuff others simply can't is another plus for PalmOS.

    BUT i'm stick with my treo650. It's not because i'm so in love with it that i don't want to upgrade, it's just that there's nothing better enough to upgrade to. I want my 480x320 screen back (zodiac days), wifi, and a 2 meg camera. If i could get those, my 650 would be on ebay in 2 seconds.

    This new Treo 800 thing we've seen seeing in my opinion is a step backwards. Smaller screen, smaller keyboard. No thanks. It's a kids phone, an introduction to smartphones. Where's the real MAN's next Treo ? I'd even switch to sprint to get it !
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    Engadget is falling all over itself for actually getting a written response from Palm, giving it "a lot of credit for listening". Fine, I'll extend a little credit, but I'll reserve the bulk of my "credit" extending and praise once I actually see some meaningful progress on the issues raised. Listening in this case, to me, doesn't mean so much a written response, but real action that addresses the issues. And I (nor the market) won't wait much longer...
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    Heck, we here on the Treo Forums have been saying the things that Engadget encapsulated very nicely in their letter for years now.

    I am beyond getting excited about the fact that Colligan read it and forwarded it to all their executives.

    I want to see real results. As for the Palm Blog, it started off ok, but slowed to a whimper. The last few posts have no interest to most of us.
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    Let's cut Ed Colligan/Palm a little slack. We can't expect Ed/Palm to come up with a rebuttal to every point in the article - at least not in a couple of days.

    I do agree that actions speak louder than words. Palm had stepped in the right direction several times but eventually ended up spinning all over. Hopefully it's different this time.
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    Yawn. Let's not forget that this isn't the first open letter to Ed. It's more than 8 months later and there's nothing to show for. I'll believe it when I see it and I am a Palm fan.
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