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    palm, as we knew it, is dying. that is for sure.

    i am very happy to be using my treo 650 for over two years now - normally after such a time phase, a next generation palm with a newer os version would have been available, but this is not the case and so i'll stick to my 650 until i dont know when. lets see what happens next.

    this foleo thing in between is wasted energy.

    lets hope something big happens. i find palm emulation on linux absolutely okay, as soon as i get new features and more modern hardware to go with it and of course, backward compatibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post
    Could Palm learn a thing or two here? Could we?
    Good analogy. No one at Palm has died in a helicopter crash (eg Frank Wells) though, complicating things. If Hawkins is the Roy Disney figure, then wouldn't this be more analogous to when Handspring merged with Palm One/3com? This is like the 3rd act in Aristotlian story structure, conclusion yet unknown.

    Ironic though, that HTC has a secret, brainstorming R&D lab called "Magic Labs," which is modeled after Disney's Imagineering. John Wang is the "chief innovation wizard."

    Unfortunately, Corrigan (Palm CEO) isn't a tech guy. He's an advertising guy who's claim to fame was the marketing for Radius monitors a long time ago (remember when Radius & RasterOps would duke it out for Mac monitor sales back in the day?). It helps to have a tech guy at the helm of a tech company. Remember when Pepsi's Sculley ran Apple? It was all marketing hoopla and taste tests, but no innovation, advancement etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinx View Post
    palm, as we knew it, is dying. that is for sure.
    Or is it? Can we analagize Palm's growth arc to the lifecycle of a butterfly? Palm has gone through the caterpillar stage, and has hibernated in the cocoon for quite awhile. Perhaps, they will emerge in beautiful Monarchian grandeur?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    I never understood this implication.

    It seems that the Foleo is a different business/department for them and they hired a new team to work on it. I'm not sure how that takes away resources from POS or WM. From what I understand, these departments are completely independent of each other.

    Do they need more POS programmers? Better ones? Or are they just really facing the limits of what that OS can/cannot do? (I think it's the latter).
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    If Palm is dying then it's doing it like a bad actor in a western movie, i.e. taking a very long time about it
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    They may not be dying, but I'd keep an eye on the heart paddles in case their next release is another stinker.
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    The reason I started this post was to get these boards back on constructive advise about existing devices. Future devices should be in the future devices forum. There is too much negativity going on in these forums. I saw this on another website about other products and people started leaving because instead of helping each other out they would argue the merits of whether companies would continue to profit, what they should do, etc. I understand you can post within reason what you want on a forum, but the reason I joined TC was to learn about what I had (or didn't have) instead of reading post after post complaining about Palm. Most use windows? Yet how many complaints do you write about windows on a daily basis?
    To think that the 700w would be without problems out of the box is crazy, and the 700p was just to satisfy the palm os users.
    It seems that palm is alternating their releases based on the platform. The 700wx is better than the 700p. The 755p is better than the 750. Lets get back to helping people. Myself included.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Lets get back to helping people. Myself included.
    Here, here. Good post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cinealta View Post
    Here, here. Good post.
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    After stuff like this, one can only think Palm is on "life-support" and has everyone scrambling to save it:

    Rock bottom for Palm and Hawkins?
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    "Clear!!" (thump) "Going again! Clear!!!" (thump) beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
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    Companies don't die. They fail. We use the term 'Dead' here becasue we are fans of the compnay and it's products. We take a personal interest in what Palm does and what it delivers.

    The company is 'sick' as others have stated. it's core business, phones, not PDA, is in an extremely difficult position, in and exteemely diofficult competative market. I'm not going to repeat the many comments / posts about the issues at palm, but I think it is very fair to say the company, whie still profitable, has not been run well and is at risk of being sold, bought up or dismanteled, even with the new investment. Just my opinion
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    The CEO and the majority of the upper management at Palm need to be replaced with a new team. That's the real story in a nutshell.

    Incompetence or simply contentment has been the source of the sickness at Palm for a long while now and we've repeatedly seen evidence of it with the spinoffs, the buybacks, the product stagnation, and now a misguided foleo idea. etc Its one episode of keystone cops after another, with Colligan struggling to spin dubious explanations for each successive miscalculation or lack of technological advancement.

    They are run by content millionaires who have made their riches already and longer possess the drive or the hunger they had when building palm and handspring from the early embryonic stages. Its gone and it shows.. Its been replaced with flowery, carefully worded spin and excuses for the status quo. Enough. Get rid of the fat cats here and rejuvenate the engine with a fresh, ambitious and innovative new team.
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    Somebody has to take the fall for the waiste of money, time and recources on the Fooleo whomever it may be.
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    I agree, Kstewart. You'd think this would have happened long, long ago.

    Palm seems to be unique in this aspect. Rather than seek more effective leadership after failing strategies, Palm's executive management seems to be allowed more and more rope to hang themselves with following each embarrassing misstep. Its really pretty surprising.

    The investors SHOULD be demanding major internal changes here. They've been more than patient over the past 3 years.
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    There needs to be a revolt by the Board of Directors. Major leadership changes and accountability are needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    Somebody has to take the fall for the waiste of money, time and recources on the Fooleo whomever it may be.
    Quote Originally Posted by treobk214 View Post
    The investors SHOULD be demanding major internal changes here. They've been more than patient over the past 3 years.
    i think someone has. the company has taken the fall (lesser market cap) and investors have spoken (stock performance).

    as i've said, palm is dumb.
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    Agreed, Oalvarez. Palm is dumb indeed. What I wonder though is just how much lower the stock has to go before Colligan and a couple other "higher ups" are ousted.
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    Revolt from the board of directors would be a welcome development here to say the very least, cinealta. Pressure must be applied from the right areas to FORCE a change in course.

    It looks like that's the only way to get Palm off their dead a**es, if you'll pardon the expression.
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