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    I seem to remember back to my PalmIII where if I deleted an email, it would delete from my outlook when I synchronized? does anyone know this to be available from a pop 3 account? Exchange server is just to much work/cost 4 me.
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    I use Versamail, and there is an option when I delete e-mails to delete them from the server also. However, the actual deletion doesn't take place until I Empty the Trash as well.
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    Hi there,

    One other alternative is Always-On Mail. It syncs pop and imap accounts seamlessly and with non of the usual probs with duplicate emails, deletions and device crashing. You can get a free trial of it from the below link.

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    Just an update on this one. I've been using Always-On Mail now for a few months and haven't had any issues... Def recomend it!

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