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    whats the best way to save some MP3 files on RAM rather then on the SD card?

    I want to use mp3 files for alarms via butler but i would rather put in ram incase the treo looses connection with sd card

    i tried emailing them to myself and smsing them to myself and neither are working

    i also emailed and saved to card then tried to copy to ram, still cannot find

    cant put mp3 on RAM.. grrr

    should i try to hotsync?

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    Try FileZ or resco explorer. RingCare & Buzz will do it too.
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    I tried to copy from card to ram via resco explorer and it says it went but I can't find in ram via resco n ptunes says that it can't play file
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    I was able to find in a rescoexplorer folder in ram, moved to built in folder called audio... butler now doesn't show file when I select internal... only shows the two mp3 files that are on ROM
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    The only file types that can go in RAM (with Palm OS) are .prc, .pdb, and the obsolete .pqa, unless your device has a "virtual SD card" partition in RAM.
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    i converted the mp3 files into pdb files and all is working ok now on ram, now i have 3 pdb files on ram to use for my alarms, incase the phone looses the card
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    As long as the MP3s are using a constant bitrate you can use either MiniTones or MusicTones on your Treo to just clip the portion of teh MP3 you want to use. This can save a lot of space.
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    ya i u used audactiy and make a 40 sec snap of an mp3 to use with butler alarms, then i converted it using PAR.... now its an pdb file in which ptunes recognizes on ram and butler can use for playing an alarm
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    Audacity rocks! I do most of my transfers to the device via ActiveSync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by npbeers View Post
    As long as the MP3s are using a constant bitrate...
    is that what it is??!!!

    I thought it was 256 vs 128, when all along it was constant vs. VBR.

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

    Oh yeah, Minitones rocks!

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