Okay, so I've now decided I'll be purchasing a Treo 680 or 750 for GSM (T-Mobile). I recently sold my Axim x51v which ran WM5. I've never spent much time with the Palm OS, but in general have read that it's much more responsive, etc. Besides wanting to combine my cell and PDA, the primary reason I parted with the Axim was that it was constantly slow and requiring resets. So, my primary needs will be quick calling, and quick access to contacts/calender/tasks. I would also like to be able to have Word and Excel editing/creation (I understand this is on the 680?). The only app I know I will be running for certain is ePocrates (I'm a physician). I currently do not have plans for internet/email use, but may in the future.

So, I've read the 680 v 750 comparisons. In my case, what do you think? If WM5 was fast, I'd have no real qualms, but it wasn't. On Smartphones, is the responsiveness different? I mean the x51v had tons of power to push the apps, and couldn't do it well enough, so I have many doubts the 750 can. Also, I've read that WM6 is coming (free) to 750 users, and this is big X factor I suppose. Thanks.