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    Hi there,

    I used Varsamail for a while, but it lacks a lot of functionality and is by no means a quick way to access your email on your Treo.

    So I did a little research

    There are a number of cheap or free apps out there for installing on your device that enable you to get your email. Some are slow, some lack features and some are expensive. One that I did find and download a free trial of was called Always-On Mail. Available from

    This app is cheap, very feature rich, easy to set up and syncs your email in seconds without any need to do anything on your device. You just get a beep when there's a new mail and there it is on your Treo.

    Highly recomend this one.

    Take care.

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    I smell Spam
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    I smell Spam
    Yep. Me too.

    The fact that you have to send personal info to get a piece of trial software makes this thread, by a brand new TC member, smell rich and spammy. Where's the mustard??
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    Just go there...

    ... and you'll find it support Windows mobile only devices...
    ... or a java version is there...
    didn't get further...
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    Not to mention the post is in email format with salutations etc.
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    Versamail was misspelled right off the bat!
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    Not sure if it's spam or not. The software is actually "SEVEN" which works on WM and Symbian platforms only (not Palm OS):
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    It's the same software as Business Connect on Sprint....which does work with Palm OS. You need to leave a work computer on at all times. My IT people just about soiled themselves when they found out I had been using it. Apparently they don't think it's very safe for confidential environments. I thought it worked fine, actually.
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    Lol - Anything positive about software must be spam ;-)

    As for my bad spelling - Well my English teacher would probably have a lot to say about that!

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