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    Im wondering if anybody here would know the answer to this. Are logs kept at the carrier of text messages ? not just date and time, actual logs of what was typed and sent ? Thank you !
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    If there was, and I think there is, you would have to have a search warrant.
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    Yes to least with verizon.
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    A conversation with a rep not to long ago branched to that question and the answer was yes and the reason: liability issues.

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    thanks...anyone else have any info ?
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    according to a guy in technical. actually 2 guys deep in that dept. they only have a time/date stamp for text messages.
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    I think it would be an invasion of privacy if they kept logs of the actual messages sent. They will however be allowed to keep records of when you sent a message and to whom it was sent to.
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    no, you cannot check up on your wife, girlfriend, or concubine. Time/Date stamp is all they keep.
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    thats what we were thinking and hoping.
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    a full log of your text messages *is* kept. a court order is required to obtain these logs.

    So .. if you don't commit a crime then you have nothing to worry about.
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    yeah, ive heard that before. Thanks !
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    so what did you do and why did you text it to somebody?

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